Rob’s Hill Climb Rabbit

CLIMBING TO THE TOP RUN RABBIT RUN TO THE TOP OF THE HILL....   1975 Rabbit Rob’s 1975 Rabbit was built specifically for hill climb racing. DJM custom built a motor tailored to Rob’s needs with a 2.0 16v bottom end paired with a 2.0 crossflow cylinder head, TWM...

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Joey’s Blue Bunny

1978 WAS A GOOD YEAR. CHECK OUT JOEY'S CARBORATED BLUE BUNNY. 1978 Miami Blue 16v Rabbit It was all about attention to detail. Joey’s Blue Rabbit is a Carbureted 1.8L 16v, a motor that was chosen specifically for that classic look. Every inch of this car was taken...

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Jesus’s 1998 GTI Supercharged VR6

BUILT FOR SPEED. PERFECTED AS A SHOW CAR. CHECK OUT JESUS'S SUPERCHARGED VR6 GTI.   Quick Specs: Converted from a 2.8 liter to a 3 liter VR6 Fully Rebuilt Cylinder Head Vortech Supercharger

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